Ensure the health and wellbeing of your family by visiting our medical facility for children and adult immunizations. Our team helps to protect your family against sicknesses, the flu, and other diseases. Trust our medical specialists to administer the right vaccinations for you and your child.

Be prepared for flu season by trusting us for infant, children, and adult vaccinations. Not long ago, infectious diseases were nearly uncontrollable. Fortunately, with modern medicine, we are now able to prevent so many potentially deadly and harmful diseases, such as polio, whooping cough, and measles. Stop sickness from making you and your family ill by visiting our center for immunizations.

Flu Vaccines: The Best Way to Prevent Seasonal Sickness

Why suffer with sickness when we can prevent it? With one simple shot, you immunize yourself from the flu. Flu vaccines not only protect those who receive it, but they also protect those who have not received it. Why? Because a vaccine reduces the prevalence of the flu in general and prevents carriers of the disease. One of the problems with influenza is that you can still spread it even if you do not have symptoms.

More than 36,000 people die from the flu each year, and more than 200,000 must be admitted to the hospital due to influenza. If you have a young child, it’s particularly important to immunize him or her from the flue. The same is true if you are an elderly individual. So before flu season arrives, visit our clinic for a flu shot.

The Importance of Infant Immunizations

Take care of your baby by trusting our nurses and doctors for top-quality medical care. By providing immunizations for infants and children you will protect your child from viral and bacterial infections. The vaccinations we administer protect your boy or girl from a wide variety of illnesses. We recommend the following vaccinations before your child is two years old. Consult with our team to determine the right immunization schedule for your child.

  • DTap
  • HepA
  • HepB
  • Hib
  • PCV
  • IPV
  • RV
  • Influenza
  • MMR
  • Varicella

Schedule Children & Adult Vaccinations Today

It’s never too late to get vaccinated. Every year, in the United States alone, more than 50,000 adults die from preventable diseases. However, modern medicine can prevent this and save lives. Through children vaccinations, we give your child a healthy start in life. Basic immunizations prevent meningitis, measles, chickenpox, and other illnesses.

Flu shots are particularly important for infants, young children, pregnant women and elderly individuals. For adults, we administer a number of vaccinations that protect our patients from contracting tetanus, pneumonia, the flu, and shingles. Make the wise choice and speak with one of our doctors about getting immunized today.

Contact us if you need infant immunizations for your new child. We proudly serve children and adults throughout Houston, Texas.