The ENT Center of Northwest Houston is your premier hearing healthcare provider and your source for hearing aids. We know an educated patient is our best patient. We invite you to meet our audiologist, Dr. Nguyen, to answer all of your questions about how you hear, the causes of hearing loss, and the most advanced technology in hearing aids. Our goal is to help you hear your best. Healthy hearing is our passion.

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Hearing Loss affects 1 in 10 Americans yet research shows that a person with hearing loss waits (on average) 7 years before seeking help. Because hearing loss typically progresses gradually, the sooner you seek help, the sooner improved communication and quality of life are possible.

We are devoted to improving the lives of our patients – by not only providing compassionate care & comprehensive solutions, but also by providing the knowledge required to enjoy a new-found sense of freedom and flexibility. We take the time to provide you with a thorough, “no-pressure”, positive patient experience.

Let us help you discover how much better life can be with today’s hearing solutions; including the most advanced digital hearing aids from leading hearing aid manufacturers.

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